If Problems Arise…

I think at this point you should have the basics down on how to properly prepare your home to be ran as a professional bed and breakfast. Although the little things are very important and can help make your guests experience that much more memorable, it is inevitable that major issues can, and will, come up at some point.

Don’t Cut Corners

There are a few things that can happen in which you absolutely must hire professional help before you can open your doors back up. The leaking roof that I mentioned earlier would be an example of this. There could be liability issues with a problem like this and not having a professional do a proper restoration could leave you responsible if anything were to happen.

clean1Another issue that could lead to major problems for your business is the matter of bugs and/or anything else that might be hiding in your home. Unfortunately, bed bugs and other critters have been making a comeback in recent years so ensuring your house is completely clear is imperative.

Preserve Your Reputation!

There are a number of companies out there to help inspect and make your home pest proof. Luckily for me, I don’t live in a town or climate where this is a huge issue and this can make a huge difference. For example the more south you go the higher your chances are of falling victim. My brother in law lives very south and regularly hires pest control Chandler for routine inspections.

Now hopefully you won’t find anything making a new home in your house but if you happen to, a fumigation for any bug problems really is the only way to make sure your house is 100% clean and clear. Not only can this be enough to ruin your guests experience entirely, but you better believe that they will spread the word which can completely destroy any potential business in the future.

Even if you are confident that you keep your home clean and tidy, checking for any animals never hurts and unfortunately many of them can be hiding in places that you never even thought of! Just remember, don’t try to cut any corners when you are doing your final inspections because it could end up costing you a fortune down the road.


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