More First Impression

In addition to making sure that your yard is presentable and maybe having some landscaping work done (more on this later), you want to make sure that the outside of your home is in just as good of shape.

Don’t Scare Your Guests Away!

As obvious as this may sound to most of you, it would surprise you how often I have seen people neglect the outside of their homes and focus too much on the inside. Although you generally do want to focus a little bit more on the inside and making sure everything is clean and comfortable, you never want to ignore any obvious signs of wear and tear on the exterior of your home.

rooffffHaving been in the bed and breakfast business for years now, my wife and I have made connections with others in the same field from many different states. I remember years ago a very good friend of mine wanted to try and enter the industry but did exactly what I am trying to warn you not to do.

Almost 100% of his attention went to the inside of his home and didn’t feel the need to keep up with the outside as much as he should have been. The roof and siding on his home wasn’t a disaster, but it was very noticeably neglected the moment you saw it and it greatly impacted his business. I finally convinced him to have a roofing Owasso contractor come out and do a complete tune up on his house and he saw the differences in attitudes from his guests almost immediately.

If the outside of your house is damaged or dirty, you better bet that your guests will automatically assume the inside is as well. Repairing the outside of your house will only benefit your business and make your guests experience that much more memorable. This applies to improving office or building exteriors for any business as well. The more presentable your business or homes exterior is, the better your first impressions will be.

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