Choose Your Hours!

One of the greatest things about running a bed and breakfast is that for the most part, you get to choose your own hours and how much you want to make is completely up to you and your significant other!

This works out perfect for me and my wife because I am currently retired and have all the time in the world. So whenever my wife have a free weekend or if we have been getting bored living our retired lives (which does not happen very often) we can list our home up and ready to take on guests whenever we want to really.

Great Extra Money

sRunning your own bed and breakfast can be a great source of extra money even if you aren’t quite living the retired life like I am yet. The busiest times are during the weekend so the hours can accommodate the majority of people’s work schedules. It doesn’t have to be a full time thing which is awesome because you really can choose when you would like to house people. If you are busy one week and not in the mood to blow your guests away, then don’t advertise your home!

But if you know you have a bunch of free time coming up and you are going to be around to make sure your guests have an amazing experience then list your house right back up and collect that extra money that you have been needing from work.

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