More On The Bed

Just like the last article, I am referring to mre than just the place you sleep whenever I say “the bed” in bed and breakfast. So now that you have everything on the inside of your house feeling homey and cozy, we can talk about the outside of the house as well.

The Exterior

You don’t want to send your guests running in the other direction as soon as they get out of their cars now do you?

bbOf course not and that is why keeping the exterior of your home in just as good of condition as the inside is imperative. Whenever my wife and I have spotted any sort of problem that might be getting worse over time, we try and nip it right in the butt.

For example I remember many years back the roof on our home looked like there may have been a very small portion starting to give way a little bit and if left alone for too long, might develop into a leak or even worse. So the next day we were on the phone with the first local roofing company we could find and had them come patch it right up and prevent the need for a roof replacement or any other serious renovations down the road.

This sort of mentality should be held for any sort of issue that you might run into while taking care of your home and should be handled the same way.

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