The Breakfast

So now that we have talked about the bed in bed in breakfast a little bit, we can go into the breakfast aspect of the experience. I don’t find this part to be as important as making sure your home is in presentable condition, but it is still an essential asset to the experience as a whole and can be a “make or break” for a number of guests.

Classic, but Unique

breakkkkWhen I think about the perfect breakfast for a bed and breakfast, I think it is really important to keep things relatively simple and classic but still incorporate your own unique twist somehow. Some of my favorite dishes that I would cook with my wife for our guests would be a wide variety of omelettes.

Ask Your Guests!

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests ahead of time what they would like to eat if you aren’t sure. This is a great way to make them feel special and that you are going out of your way to make sure their experience is one to be remembered. Sometimes it is fun to keep things a surprise and just let your guests know that everything is taken care of and that all they have to bring are some clothes and themselves! Never be afraid to ask your guests about any of their preferences or how you can make their experience the best it can be.