A Proper Bed and Breakfast Experience

There is a lot that goes into running the proper and professional bed and breakfast home for vacationers and people looking to get away for a weekend. I have both ran my own bed and breakfast, and have visited countless over the years and there are a number of things that make an experience exceptional rather than just ordinary.

Make Your Guests Trip!

Now the idea of a bed and breakfast can vary from person to person. If you are running your own bed and breakfast business then it is important to read your guests through body language and general feel of what they would like their weekend or trip to be like.


Some people’s idea of a perfect getaway weekend is to simply be that; a getaway. They don’t really feel like interacting with anyone else but who they are there with and are generally best left alone. As long as you are totally accommodating all of their needs and making sure they have everything they want, it can actually ruin their trip if you are too abrasive or overwhelming to your guests. These type of guests are usually very easy to spot and you should have no trouble identifying them.

Then there are the guests who love interaction and using their trip as a reason to get out and meet new people and see new things. These are the most fun guests and love any recommendations from locals like yourself and genuinely appreciate your company.

It’s important to read your guests and make sure that you exceed their expectations!